Saturday, April 18, 2009

TYSON movie trailer

Check out the trailer to 'TYSON" directed by James Toback


Danielle said...

I am an American, living in California. I am married to a French federal motorcyclist police officer. He and his officers escorted you in 2007 in Paris, for the release of Rush Hour 3 (pictures of you together are published at , my husband was the police supervisor for this escort). In the first image, the larger group shot, , my husband is right behind you. In the small group shot, , my husband is between you and Jackie Chan.

During that escort mission, you and/or your cameraman videotaped the police motorcycle escort in the car that was driven by Ambassador chauffeur, Dimitri Clay.

We have a specific request for you regarding that mission, and would appreciate your response.

Thank you very much for your wonderful work, and for your consideration of this request.

Danielle and Fabrice Sainton

Kelvin Anthony said...

Looks interesting. I mean, it's no Tupac: Resurrection, but Mike Tyson was a hero when I was growing up so it's probably gonna be a worthy watch.....

Kelvin Anthony