Sunday, March 29, 2009


From LAtimes:

Brett Ratner has a library full of books about filmmakers and their work experiences. So it's hardly a surprise to discover that the director behind the "Rush Hour" films has decided to start publishing books himself.

He's just launched a new series of film books through his Rat Press imprint, including a James Toback memoir about his friendship with NFL running back turned actor Jim Brown, as well as two interview books from longtime Playboy Q&A king Lawrence Grobel -- a collection of interviews with producer Robert Evans and an updated account of Grobel's fascinating 1978 interviews with Marlon Brando.

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Andy said...

hey brett, love your books, especially the design. the rat press web site isn't there anymore so i thought i'd try to reach you here. i'm the author of the Taschen volume CINEMA NOW, with penelope cruz on the cover. it came out two years ago. i have a couple of juicy book pitches for you if you're still publishing. i know it's not a good time for books — but these are great ideas, and very timely, and of a piece with rat press. contact me at didionesque at if you're interested. best, andrew bailey